Dennis Hart

A Brief History of Me

My name is Dennis Hart, and back in 2008 I was an unhappy graphic designer.I found a job drawing caricatures for a company that subcontracted into the Disney hotels in Orlando, FL. After five years at the parks I was ready to move this adventure further. One of my colleagues at Disney recommended me to a traveling group of caricature artists. I met with the owner and was off to my first fair in Vermont.

I was in love. Vermont was gorgeous and the people were equally lovely. I'd never really traveled before and I began signing up for any and all fairs that I could. I pushed my art, I worked on my social skills and for the next 5 years I made my living as a travelling caricature artist. Vermont, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio; wherever the road lead, that's where I went.

After five years of moving from town to town and hotel to hotel, I was ready for the next step in my journey and started my own business. I booked fairs, hotels, flights, and whatever else I needed and set out to make my own path. After fourteen years, I still love the work, the freedom it gives me, and the joy it brings my guests. Let me bring that to you.

- Dennis Hart

This site was lovingly sketched, inked, and colored by Dennis Hart. Copyright 2022.