What's With That Name?


Hartsy...Fartsy?! That seems a bit immature and silly. What would make you go with that?

WELL, many years ago I was trying to come up with names that reflected that attitude of the art I create. I was batting around several unfunny and uninteresting ideas. Out of the blue a friend and colleague of mine from my days at Disney messaged me. He said he had always thought I'd go with 'HartsyFartsy' and I was in love. It was perfect!

It played with my name and harkened to days when people would belittle artists by calling them 'artsyfartsy' because of how stuck up they seemed. At the same time, I don't want people to take them or the art to seriously. I wanted it to be fun and disarming; something you could giggle at. So, the name stuck.

-Dennis Hart

This site was lovingly sketched, inked, and colored by Dennis Hart. Copyright 2022.
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