Our First Great Weekend


A Great Start

It was 8am. We arrived to Cambridge Square much sooner than we'd expected. The air was cold and still and despite 2 couples wandering into the coffee shop accross the street, no one was in the square. We discussed how it had been a little while since we'd done a fair as we unpacked the hatchback onto the sidewalk. We plotted out our expected space, opened the tent, and said goodbye to eachother. It was going to be a busy day and we were splitting up to cover it.

I got in the car and headed to Rock City where I often drawing for special events. Six hours flew by as I drew and cut up with guests. Niether of us had time to message the other and it was almost 3 before I realized I had skipped lunch. I shot a text off and didn't hear back until I was well out of the gates and on my way to the car. I snagged a couple burgers in case she forgot to eat, parked the car, and walked into the square again.

The event had been a success and we both were exhausted from all the drawing but even then there was more to do; one last family in color before the end. We had a great time and after talking really felt like Chattanooga was embracing us. It's a good sign. It's a great start.

See you out there!

-Dennis Hart

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