New Year, New City


Chatanooga veiw from Lookout Mountain

Looking back on Scruffy City

As we stood in the field under Knoxville's Sunsphere, I watched the New Year's ball drop and reflected on how much life has changed since we came to Knoxville 6 years ago. We've grown as people and as a company. Knoxville has been a wonderful home that has allowed us to explore so many interests and meet so many great people. These are all thigs I'll take forward with me and people who's lives I want to keep in touch with.

Looking forward with The Scenic City

Looking to the future I know there's more we need. I know we want to reach more people. We want to bring more art and laughter to people and there is so much potential here. I have always loved visiting Chattanooga and I know there is so much waiting for us in this town. I'll also be closer to a lot of things I've come to really personally enjoy: Rock City, the Aquarium, Aretha Frankenstien's, Taco Mamacita, Mr. T's Pizza, and a bunch of other places.

So, here's to the things to come! May we find a place where we can grow and flurish personally and professionally in our new home. We look forward to seeing you out there!

-Dennis Hart

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